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4. června 2021

Summer School "Religion and Transformation: Societal, Political and Cultural Processes"

  • Invitation to the Summer School "Religion and Transformation: Societal, Political and Cultural Processes" (19.08.2021 to 28.08.2021, Landau and Osnabrück, Germany).

  • The invitation is addressed to qualified students and doctoral candidates in theology, religious studies and related disciplines, especially from Central and Eastern European countries. The summer school will take place in two locations: Landau and Osnabrück.

  • During the summer school, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of approaches to the field of theological research on transformation. 

  • In a first approach, anthropological and creation-theological foundations will play a role as well as the question of how far theology itself represents a transformative force. In addition, the relationship between religion and society will be reflected upon in the confrontation with different currents, e.g. the LGBQT* community in Islam, right-wing extremism in Germany as well as nationalism and populism in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • The next focus of the summer school is on the question of what can be learned from historical, political transformations for the present. Historical events - such as liberation movements from modern times to the present - will be reflected upon (Hambach Festival, Peaceful Revolution, transformation of gender roles in society and religions, etc.). 

  • Furthermore, the summer school will deal with possible synergy effects between "sustainability and transformation";. In particular, the question of human responsibility in the face of climate change and technological progress will be explored in depth through lectures and an excursion.

  • The programme of the summer school includes participation in the international congress of the European Society for Catholic Theology in Osnabrück, prepared by Prof. Dr. Margit Eckholt. Top-class speakers from Europe and Latin America will speak on the topic of "Creation - transformation - theology"

  • Your participation in the summer school is made possible by applying in advance with relevant work-in-progress papers. During the summer school, the papers will be presented and further developed on the basis of the discussions, with the aim of finally publishing them. 

  • The summer school enables the participants to deal with concise scientific questions and current research trends, presented by internationally recognised theologians, to gain insight into the German academic system and to network with each other. 

  • The organizers assume that participants will be able to be present at the summer school. However, due to the uncertain pandemic situation, a hybrid approach cannot be ruled out. 

  • Applications with a personal introduction (previous studies and doctoral studies, possible professional experience) and a short description of your own contribution should be sent to Prof. Dr. Elzbieta Adamiak by 15 June 2021 (please only send them digitally to adamiak@uni-landau.de). You will be informed by 30 June 2021 whether your application has been accepted.

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